[aprssig] Balloons, Ham Radio and APRS in UK

Josh Freeman cpe.jfreeman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 16:45:32 CDT 2006

James wrote:
> I know here is the US we are now allowed to do DATA on FRS, I wonder 
> if maybe there is a option in the UK for the same situation and can 
> you fly a 500mw radio in a balloon?
We cannot do APRS over FRS in the USA, because the FRS regulations 
prevent automated beaconing. The Garmin RINO units get around this by 
reporting position only upon user action or when polled by another 
station. I suppose you could manually poll a RINO in a balloon from the 
ground, but that might be a little frustrating during a balloon chase. 
Plus, there's the fixed-antenna-only restriction on FRS radios...

Now, MURS has no such restrictions. If I remember correctly, the only 
restriction specific to packet on MURS is the prohibition of digipeaters.


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