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[aprssig] WX and Wind and mountain tops...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 25 01:18:34 UTC 2006

Squirrels chewed through my entire APRS WX station
stuff years ago, and so I am pondering whether 
to re-weather or.... not? 

Since my current interest is beating the 72% electric
rate hike looming this summer due to deregulation,
I have been looking at the cost of wind generators.
Interesting to note that a 400W wind generator is only
about twice ($599) what a new WX station costs... 

I'm considering  spending my $$$ on getting back some pennies
rather than just watch the wind go by...  Just wish
I lived somewhere where there was more wind....
ARGH....  Oh well...

Or more sun..... or more running water... anything...

Oh, this weekend, hiking a mountain trail in West Virginia
came across a HUGE microwave site with concrete
building and huge tower that was all cleaned up and
really looking spiffy...  looking more closely there were
for-sale signs from a local real-estate agent.  Offering:

5 acres of mountain top land, concrete building,
10,000 KW diesel generator 115 foot tower
(suitable for building an entire house on top
with a 360' view)... etc....   Oh well...

But the sign had a big SOLD across it... so I didnt
jot down the number.  But now I wish I had called
to see what it sold for....

I had made a post a few years ago here about how
American Tower was selling of hundreds of old
microwave sites since that are now obsolete with
all the fiberoptics...  so if you like the hermit life
style and like high places, and dont mind living
in the middle of nowhere... look around..

The American Tower site no longer has a for-sale
list.  So I guess real-estate speculators have picked
up most of them and are now re-selling at higher


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