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[aprssig] How does this work then? "Portuguese Invasion"of Eastern Colorado!

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 17:57:19 UTC 2006

f5vag at nerim.net wrote:
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>> Definitely a screwed up igate in CT among other things.  I'm now see 
>> FOUR CT's in eastern Colorado about 50 miles south-east of Denver.    
>> See this image:
> You will probably see that they are all gated by CS1SEL. This IGATE
> seems to replace the longitude, but does not drop characters and is
> therefore not captured with my filter.

Didn't know there were that many Mic-E users in Portugal.   Now there 
are 7 "invaders" in eastern Colorado!

Here is a screen shot from APRSpoint - an APRS client that directly uses 
local MapPoint maps, either North America or Europe.     This 
application is actually a plugin that runs inside MapPoint itself -- the 
normal functionality of MapPoint (address lookups, route planning, etc) 
remains while APRSpoint is running. 

One nice feature of APRSpoint is that it can draw track lines for 
selected stations without add-ons.  I set it to track CT1EIZ-9 .  I 
suspect the track line shown will correspond perfectly to some major 
road in Portugal.  

Here is the same view from UIview with Precision Mapping 7.0:

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