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Home Andy kg6rwo at comcast.net
Thu Apr 27 14:09:38 UTC 2006

When I travel on the 101 to visit my son in SLO I get dropuouts around the Metlcalf substation with all the metal and power there.  Also over the San Juan grade into Salinas is blocked by the hills.  South of that, N6CP-1 provides pretty good coverage.  I have seen a big improvement, of course, since I upgraded from a D7 to a D700.

When we traveled to Pasadena on the 5, it was pretty much a wasteland south of Fresno.

When you do get hits, 2 hops to an I-gate is fine.

Now I just got back from AZ,  the the 17, the 40 and the 66.  In Phoenix I often got up to 4 repeats of "My Pos".  Out past Seligman, east on the old 66 I got spotty coverage.  I got a couple of hits near the Grand Canyon and even NE of Flagstaff in the Native American Ruins.  Coveraged ended to the east around meteor crater.
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