[aprssig] Anyone know w8kk

Ed Locklear, KF4CHG kf4chg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 22:30:45 CDT 2006

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>>Well, theres one digi that is still clinging on to old
>>times.  Maybe its time to start bud-listing these
>>outdated digi's... and then maybe they will start 
>>to get the idea.
> I hope  everyone would take it on themselves to keep a
> keen eye on the network and help identify the 
> remaining problem areas.  The software I use
> has a sorted packets-per-hour page from all stations
> and in a second or so glance, it is easy to see the
> most problematic stations.  Other things to look for:
> 1)  All New-N digis should have an "S" overlay. (or
> a "P" overlay if an old PacComm TRACE only digi)
> 2) All New-N digis should have a PHG and should have 
> "W#,SSn" immediately following where # is either "2" or 
> "3" or whatever is suggested in that area.  "SSn" should
> have your state or ARRL section abbreviation there.
> 3) Send a packet via WIDE1-1.   YOu may see:
> ...WIDE1-1*  if there is a WIDE1-1 fill-in digi nearby
> ...DIGIa*,WIDE1 comes from an old 8.2 digi
> ...DIGIa,WIDE1* comes from a newer 8.3 digi
> ... WIDE1.. is from an old WIDEn-N without ID set 
>      and/or without using the new UITRACE parameter.
> The last one is an indication that a digi in your area
> needs fixing.  But since it is not tracing, you will have
> to use a process of elimination to identify it...
> 4) Send a packet via WIDE6-6.  In a New-N system
> your probably should get  back DIGIa* in place of the
> outgoing WIDE6-6.  This demonstrates a good trap.
> 5) Send a packet via WIDE2-2.  You should see
> copies like this:
> DIGIa,WIDE2-1....
> but you should NOT see any DIGIb,WIDE2 packets
> because if you do, then DIGIa (or DIGIb)  may not 
> have upgraded to New -N using UIFLOOD for WIDEn-N...
> We all need to work on the system.  If we get the
> digis right, then the users will follow, though it doesnt
> hurt to try to enlighten the users of legacy paths
> that might be causing too big a load on the system.
> Bob, Wb4APR


I wrote Bill, W1KFR about changing to the new settings with a link to 
your site about a year or so ago.  He his totally clueless!

Maybe if he got straight from the source (you) he may change it.  He is 
running Digi-Ned for a digipeater.

KINGSLAND GA 31548-5288

w1kfr at arrl.net

Not sure if the email is still current?

Also, he is using WIDE4-4 for his path
(http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=w1kfr-1).  Needless to say, 
he was on my budlist when I had the IGate running at the old QTH.

Here is another one on the clueless list which has been contacted before.



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