[aprssig] The D700 and a Samsung Cellphone

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Is the button for the received calls list the same one that selects the
entry to call?  My guess is that for some reason that particular button is
picking up RFI when the Kenwood keys up.  Or maybe something in the key
matrix decoder just THINKS it's that button.
My first thought would be to wind the charger cord through a ferrite core a
few times.  I have to do the same thing with my PC speaker cables to keep
the hum from the 2-meter rig in the garage out of the system.


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A few weeks ago I had a strange series of phone calls from a number of
acquaintances and family members. I was getting calls from people saying
Sara's (my wife, W1SLR) cell phone keeps calling me and when I answer all I
hear is a radio in the background; nobody talks to me. I spoke to Sara about
it and she had no idea what was going on. So we kept track of things and
here is what we pieced together. 

(1) Vehicle is a 2005 Ford Focus Wagon

(2) radio is a Kenwood TMD700A, wired directly to the battery through
appropriate fuses and a Rat Shack 20 amp rated line filter.

(3) cell phone is a Samsung A650 with an "iGo" cigarette lighter plug
charging unit

(4) the problem only occurs when the phone is on the charging cord.

(5) every time the D700 pops off a position beacon (3 minutes) the
cellphone, if idle, first goes to the calls received list, and the next
beacon after that, dials the most recent entry in that list.

[strains of the Outer Limits soundtrack rising in the background]

(6) the same phone on the same charging cord in my truck, a 1992 Ford
Ranger, with an identically set up D700, has no such problem.



cheers ... 73 de brian riley, n1bq , underhill center, vermont
<n1bq at wulfden.org>

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