[aprssig] Google isn't my friend, it's Big Brother...

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Apr 28 08:59:49 CDT 2006

> > Select hybrid map and zoom way in.  Nice to know that 
> google is helping to keep us safe from the bad guys.  I don't 
> suppose they could find the VOR stations in the same database 
> I did, eh?  And what difference would it make if they could 
> see a photo of it?  Sheesh.
>   It appears on my screen.....

I see it too.  I know they've been under pressure to conceal a lot of
'sensitive' sites, but VORs?  Aside from being in plenty of databases and
every sectional chart out there, it's hard to imagine a target that'd be
easier to find in a plane!


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