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Energizer and Duracell list good technical specs on their websites.  You may
be able to spot the difference by weight.  They're also not hard to dissect
- I used to scrap the old carbon cell ones for zinc when I was a kid.  Flat
plates of zinc and copper with slices of lemon in between will put out a lot
more current than the typical nail-and-copper-wire lemon battery.  Though at
that point you're really better off just dunking it all in vinegar with
paper towels between the plates.  But that always seemed like cheating, and
wasn't as fun as using lemons.

The ones that really annoy me are the NiMH D cells.  Many (most?) of the
ones you see in the stores are rated at 2500 mAh or less - same as the AA
cells of the same brand.  Most likely they're the same cells in a bigger
package.  REAL D cells should be around 8000 to 10000 mAh.

Energizer says their 6-volt alkaline lantern batteries are rated at 26000
mAh, vs. 20500 mAh for the alkaline D cells.  Sounds like four F cells in
series to me.


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> Bob, you may already know this but FYI:
>  Some lantern batteries contain four "F" cells. Some of the 
> new "economy" models
> use 4 "D" cells instead (even from name brands) and there's 
> no way the buyer can
> tell unless you play alien autopsy or contact the 
> manufacturer. Wouldn't want
> you to get a nasty surprise from that and find 1/3 of your 
> power just wasn't
> there.
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