[aprssig] Batteriees [was] RE: APRS Ocean Buoys

KC2MMI (Jared) kc2mmi at verizon.net
Sun Apr 30 12:44:08 CDT 2006

 You're right about rechargeable cells also being not always what they seem.
NiCd "D" cells 20 years ago usually were "C" cells in a fat suit and the
"commerical" grade NiCd "D" cells were 4AH. I would guess many are still C cells
in fat suits, and the rising power ratings of AA cells have simply closed the
gap from the other side.
 What upsets me more is the new concept that NiMh AA cells only need to hold a
charge for two weeks. All the unbranded and Chinese-made AA's I have are
worthless after 3-4 weeks. The Japanese Panasonics that I have aren't quite as
high capacity--but they hold 70-80% power after six months. Funny thing, they
cost 2x-3x as much, too. But, they're still what I'm going to be buying in the

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