[aprssig] APRS in the National Parks

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As a yearly visitor to the Grand Canyon I can tell you that YES there is 
coverage via APRS.

There are 2 digi's that cover the canyon, the main one is Navajo Mountain 
Utah, it has 95%+ coverage.

The other is Mt. Elden in flagstaff, it has 20% coverage.

I have met a few Hams via APRS at the canyon.

You can see the portable station I setup at the Canyon at 


Google: What Starts In Beta Stays In Beta!

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As we approach Travel season, lets update the list
of National Parks with APRS:

With over 120,000,000 visitors per year, Some parks may
have over 250 hams visiting PER DAY.  Lets make sure
APRS works there...

Send me updates.
de Wb4APR, Bob

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