[aprssig] Documenting Interface - Trimble Placer 450 GPS

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Tue Aug 1 18:59:24 CDT 2006

Greetings List:

	This maybe off topic a little.......... but I built an interface (using the
Digital I/O port of the Trimble Placer 450 GPS) that shows GPS status, power
etc. I have had several folks that want the info on how to build it so I
would like to document the parts etc. It's not hard to build since it just
uses a project box, 5 LED's and some limiting resistors but I guess I need a
schematic and layout for someone else to copy.

	My question is.... what are folks using to show the design of a circuit....
not a PCB, but parts layout etc? Technical docs is not my forte yet....
[GRIN] I do have MS Visio. To see a picture of what I am talking about you
can see the pic at www.ferrell.cc/motorola  pretty raw since it was done
just for my troubleshooting........


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