[aprssig] Anyone know what DISABL is?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 2 08:06:37 CDT 2006

>>> steve at dimse.com 08/01/06 8:04 PM >>>
>Note that DISABL never sends a position, so things like near.cgi  
>have nothing to work with....  these are often  telpac nodes.
> The damage here is also quite minimal, a short packet  every 
>20 minutes.

And since they beacon direct and not via any digipeaters, again
their impact is insignificant.  In fact, we welcome all applications
on VHF to beacon their availablility LOCAL and DIRECT so that
APRS can be used as it was intended, to be able to indicate all
resources in VHF range of the APRS station.

THough, we have aleays requested that such beacons include
a POSITION (with PHG), so that we can tell where they are.

Again, we welcome such LOCAL DIRECT beacons from ECHOlinks, 
IRLP's, WinLINK's or just about any resource that could be used
by a local or visiting APRS station.

>If you really want to track down the most likely culprit, look for a  
>telpac node within range of the IGate.
>If you make contact, please do so VERY nicely, as they are not  
>causing any significant damage or breaking any rules.

All we woudl be asking is that they include POSIT and PHG data
in their packet.

de WB4APR, Bob

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