[aprssig] Follow up on 30m HF APRS

Ben Jackson ben at ben.com
Thu Aug 3 01:52:46 CDT 2006

Well, it's nice to finally know that it works!  From time to time I fire
it up and hit the TX button and look at findu to see if anything arrived.
Much to my surprise, something finally did!  At first I thought the page
hadn't finished loading, because the little "home" (/-) icon didn't show
up on the map.  Then I realized it's because I'm using "hf home" (\-)
for the 30m packet, and findu doesn't have that icon!

So, I'd like to thank the following digis!


(speaking of paths, looks like WIDE2-2 was necessary here?)

Ben Jackson AD7GD
<ben at ben.com>

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