[aprssig] Auto. Emailing by a D7A

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Thu Aug 3 08:05:06 CDT 2006

On Aug 3, 2006, at 7:45 AM, AA3JY at Winlink.org wrote:

> Maybe I wasn't clear in my question..how can I set-up my D7A to 
> 'EMAIL' a position report at an automatic setting of once or twice a 
> day...?

The D7 doesn't do email, it does APRS.  To be obnoxiously precise, you 

You _can_ have some program running on an internet attached computer 
that watches the APRS-IS data stream for your gated position reports 
and have it send email for you.

You can send an APRS _message_ that's gated to email, but you would 
have to enter your position as part of the message text.  And it's a 
manual process.

I can't remember what the maximum TX interval on the D7 is, but I'm 
pretty sure it's less that 12 hours, so if you wanted to limit it to 
once or twice a day you'd have to beacon manually.


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