[aprssig] Auto. Emailing by a D7A

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 3 10:51:20 CDT 2006

>>... if you are  in a position that you could use the APRS Email 
>> service, you are in a  position to post a position to the APRS-IS. 
>> Now f your point is to  'email' that position to someone else ...

> The other method (truly automatic) is...[to] write an application 
> to monitor the APRS-IS stream for your position reports
> and send the email from your application.   

I was sitting back to see the response, because I thought that 
someone had already written this application.  But I guess it was
never made public.  I can see the interest in such an application.

User who will be traveling wants to update family on whereabouts
on log trip.   This application is called POSIT-MAIL.  He runs POSIT
mail on his PC before leaving home.  He tells POSIT-MAIL these

Callsign to be tracked -
Email address to send to -
Start date/time -
End date/time -
Reporting rate -

POSIT-MAIL watches APRS-IS for 'callsign' and sends email
with lat/long and nearest city.  Subject Email also has a link
to 'map.findu.com/callsign' so recepient can also bring up
the map.


Bob, Wb4APR

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