[aprssig] Labels for Objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 3 21:48:20 CDT 2006

ALthough I welcome APRS objects informing nearby users of
ham radio assets within their local VHF range, I kinda wonder
about this particular example.
1) Most GPS units already display all rest stops on them.
    (my GPS-III for example) and it is now 6 years old or more
2) These rest stops are on all highway maps
3) rest stops are well marked, often times 20 to 30
    miles in advance
4) Im not sure I see the ham radio tie in.
5) you imply that LAT/LONG is not useful?  But that
    puts it on the map and so its hard to imagine
    what other value any other location info might be.

Again, I welcome your object and do not want to sound
negative, but then again, I'm having a hard time seeing
the signifance here?   Thanks Bob

>>> webmanou812 at yahoo.com 08/03/06 7:03 PM >>>
I have a question for the group:

How would you go about labeling an object along an

I stopped and got 2 rest areas around my immediate
area, and want to put a label/id on it to reflect
where it is*
One guess I had was "I-80 EAST"*.. "East Bound Rest
Area/Visitor Info"
But it did not tell the location except for the

Then I tried this one:"I-80 381E"*."#381 East Bound
Rest Area/Visitor Info"

Where as I-80 = Interstate 80*.and "381E" means mile
marker 381 and "E" equals East bound lanes*.

I am guessing I am putting too much thought into this,
and there is already an easy, short way of doing this

Any input would be appreciated.


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