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[aprssig] Mic-E encoding on HF -- does generic SSID path GATE?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Aug 4 18:49:24 UTC 2006

ben at ben.com wrote:
> [this is a duplicate of a message I posted to nwaprssig a month or so ago,
> but I got no reply]
> The "Generic APRS digipeater path" encoded in the Destination SSID includes
> all the paths typically used on VHF (WIDE1-1 and up) but it doesn't include
> a SSID for "GATE".
> Is GATE implied on HF as a matter of configuration at the receiving station?
> Or does HF APRS need to use dest SSID-0 and encode the GATE,WIDE* path
> longhand?

You will have to use the explicitly-stated long-form path if you really 
want to be gated, but it really isn't necessary anyway.

Nearly all APRS HF receive stations igate received packets directly into 
the Internet system, along with any other functions such as cross-band 

Gating onto VHF first so that numerous areas hundreds of miles apart 
will have their local nets cluttered with out-of-area transmissions on 
two meters, that then generate multiple duplicate entries into the 
Internet system from 2M is really unnecessary. 

Bear in mind that ALL of a packet has to be received PERFECTLY before 
ANYTHING is recovered from it. The shorter the packet, the less air time 
it takes, and the more likely it is is to be successfully received. 
(Less chance to be hit with a pop of noise, a fade or QRM from other 
dumb trackers. )

Using Mic-E format on HF with NO PATH at all (i.e. "direct") and no 
comment field (just lengthens the packet) is most likely of all to 
succeed, since it creates the absolutely shortest possible packet.  


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