[aprssig] New home needed for findU

Tourge, Ryan R. Ryan.Tourge at sheriff.co.warren.ny.us
Mon Aug 7 15:46:02 CDT 2006

Steve are you looking to physically move the existing server? 

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The company that was hosting findU has been sold, and will no longer  
be owned by hams, so findU needs to move. If you have access to a  
good data center home for it that can be donated or reduced in price,  
please let me know.

This needs to be in a real data center, not in a home somewhere, no  
matter how good your net connection is. The bandwidth use last month  
was 31.5 GBytes for the web server, there is also the name server,  
email, and the APRS IS incoming feeds, so figure something like  50GB/ 
month, or 1.7 GB/day as a good guess for total bandwidth.

It does need to run name and email servers, as well as APRS IS ports  
for javAPRS, so it either must be in a DMZ or somewhere holes can be  
poked in the firewall.

Steve K4HG

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