[aprssig] APRS web messaging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 11 07:24:05 CDT 2006

> anyway.  My biggest concern has been avoiding unauthorized 
> use.  How do you go about authenticating everyone, without 
> having some sort of labor-intensive signup process with a 
> human reviewing everything?

Yep, that's the problem it must not require maintenance.
Those that have the talent to write the code, usually do not
To waste their time managing updates to account names....  

I had written up a Proposal a few years ago, but I wouldn't be 
able to find it now.
> I figure you could have the system give a new user a code 
> that must be sent via RF into the network to authenticate 
> themselves.  

Yes, that was the plan.  The RF user could send a message
Saying:  "My Email = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

The email engine would respond with a message that says
"QSL. Old address was XXXXXX"

That would be all there is to it.  The user then could use
That Email address to send -from- and that email would be
Accepted into the APRS-IS for delivery back to RF.

The proposal had some other ideas like "E" was equivalent to
Email so that on the Ttpad of the D7, you only had to send
To "E" and not type in EMAIL.  Or send an APRS message to 
"W3XYZ-E" and the Email Engine would then take the incoming
APRS message and convert it to EMAIL using the ADDRESS that
Was regisered to W3XYZ.    As it is now, you have to know
Someone's email address to send RF to Email.  

But with this new EMAIL engine that would have everyone's
Email address, then it could now do the reverse emailing
Too, not just the EMAIL to RF, but RF-to-EMAIL by callsign

De Wb4APR, Bob

Email engine

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