[aprssig] In car power solution for GPS 18

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 12 13:52:53 CDT 2006

Andrew Rich wrote:
> Gudday
> When I jump in my car, my GARMIN GPS18 (5volt version) takes a while to 
> lace up on the sats. (because it has been off)
> I am wondering if I can throw a gell cell battery in there and charge it 
> while the car is running. (and GPS going when the car is off)
> Now I need to know
> 1) Should there be a diode in line ?
> 2) Should there be a resistor to limit current to battery on charge ?
> 3) Any low voltage cutout ideas ?
> Cheers
Why don't you just leave the GPS powered all the time.
I leave mine on all the time.
Even on a trip with my motorcycle with a smaller battery.
It will take a long, long time to run the battery down.


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