[aprssig] In car power solution for GPS 18

KENT HUFFORD khufford at comcast.net
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I have a GPS18 (PC version) When I turn the car on, it finds the sats and
comes up in about 15 sec. The GPS is on the ACCESSORY line, so it has not
had any power to it. 
Go to the GARMIN web site and look at the technical specs on the 18. It has
almanac backup for up to 6 MONTHS built in.
Something is not right with yours, unless the car has been moved a 1000
miles between times the GPS was last on.
There are a bunch of ROM flash upgrades on the GARMIN site for the 18 also.

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When I jump in my car, my GARMIN GPS18 (5volt version) takes a while to lace
up on the sats. (because it has been off)
I am wondering if I can throw a gell cell battery in there and charge it
while the car is running. (and GPS going when the car is off)
Now I need to know 
1) Should there be a diode in line ?
2) Should there be a resistor to limit current to battery on charge ?
3) Any low voltage cutout ideas ?

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