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[aprssig] APRS in Ontario/Quebec

John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Sun Aug 13 13:43:48 UTC 2006


Apologies for my being off-topic.

I've just done the 'remove green wire' mod from my TH-D7E (Turns it  
into a TH-D7A) as I'll be arriving in Toronto the 31st of this  
month.  It seems that there is plenty APRS coverage there so I'm  
hoping that 5 Watts into a mini-magmount on the roof of whatever  
vehicle we get should suffice (unless someone else knows better).

What I'm looking for is a website/sites for accomodation etc in  
Ontario/Quebec, or a pointer to 'reliable' ones, I'm seeing a huge  
variation in prices from different sites but I've no idea which ones  
are reliable or not.  Any help appreciated.

de John
John Ronan <jronan at tssg.org>, +353-51-302938
Telecommunications Software &  Systems Group,  http://www.tssg.org

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