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BH brent.hildebrand at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 08:47:06 CDT 2006

I showed the program, Viewpoint a while back that has the ability to display maps from MapSource with APRS data in a web page.  Viewpoint also has the ability to send and receive APRS messages.  Viewpoint does require that a particular callsign be assigned a "Passcode" in a minimal attempt to prevent unauthorized access.  Viewpoint will handle outgoing message retries for Viewpoint generated messages, and will "ack" messages to callsigns that have been used to generate outgoing message for up an hour after the message was originally generated.  So it is important to use a callsign that is unique.  Viewpoint also supports Reply/Acks.  Viewpoint has its own built in web server and screen capture routines for MapSource, and runs on Windows XP.  Viewpoint can be seen here:

Brent KH2Z

Stephen Brown Jr wrote:
> Just brainstorming here, I don't even know if this is possible or 
> desirable but hopefully someone can answer this for me. Is there a web 
> page that exists that I can send and receive APRS messages on? Is this 
> technically possible? There are ways in my head that seem like it would 
> be possible, but I wasn't sure if something already existed before I 
> start poking at it myself (yea, like I need another project)
> Thanks and 73 de N1VLV,
> Stephen
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