[aprssig] APRS messaging break out

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Tue Aug 15 22:46:18 CDT 2006

I use Javaprssrvr running on a Linux box with AX.25 compiled onto it. There are
several ways to run Javaprssrvr on a Linux box without having to compiled AX.25
on it but with AX.25 compiled you can run multiple connections to a KISS TNC.
Linux just starts treating it like another interface. (I guess it should work
with out Linux programs as well such as Xastir.) It shows up when you do an
"ifconfig". Of course if you find a Distro with AX.25 already compiled on it
your a head of the game. I never found one so I had to compile my own. As part
of the compiling process you usually have to download the AX.25 Tools Library
and it contains a program call "listen". I use "listen" to write an output to a
text file that contains all packets going in and out of my station every day.

$listen >> name_of_output_file.txt

There are lots of good switches in the man for "listen".

I'm guessing you could then write a Perl script (or maybe just grepping it) you
should be able to pull messages out of it. That is if I'm understanding what it
is you want to do correctly.

Quoting wa7nwp at jnos.org:

> > Gudday
> >
> > I would like to harness the ack features of APRS messaging and put the
> > data
> > into a database.
> >
> > So my next question is :-
> >
> > What APRS clients allow me to "get at" the messaging part ?
> The ease of using Digi_ned for "messaging" is why I've used it for findu
> scraping, qrz lookups, zipcode lookups, WWV, time - local and zulu and
> even an Eliza client.
> As fun as that is -- I'm on to something even better...  I hope.
> Bill
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