[aprssig] Beacon Doesn't

clayj at nwlink.com clayj at nwlink.com
Wed Aug 16 12:22:45 CDT 2006

Has anyone here had any experience using the AX25 'beacon' program?

I'm trying to get it to work on a new box I'm configuring for telpac, and
for some reason it doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.  I can see
the TNC/radio transmit, and I can hear the packet by ear; but, my other
TNC setup (TNC-X) can't seem to decode it, and no other station close to
me sees the packet either.  I know it's not a problem with the kernel
drivers themselves, or the TNC (a KPC3+ in KISS mode) or the radio,
because I can connect to telpac from my other TNC/radio/computer, other
stations can connect, and my mheard list shows lots of current activity on
the channel (we're using 144.95).

I'm not seeing any errors in SYSLOG or anywhere else.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

W7EFR-2 in Sammamish, WA

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