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[aprssig] Beacon Doesn't

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Wed Aug 16 22:48:48 UTC 2006

I've used it before, never had any trouble with it that I can recall.  Other
than maybe having the audio level set too high on the KPC-3, which caused
problems with some receiving TNCs.

Try a really short packet.  And keep in mind that the default destination is
IDENT, which might not show up on an APRS program.


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> Subject: [aprssig] Beacon Doesn't
> Has anyone here had any experience using the AX25 'beacon' program?
> I'm trying to get it to work on a new box I'm configuring for 
> telpac, and
> for some reason it doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.  
> I can see
> the TNC/radio transmit, and I can hear the packet by ear; 
> but, my other
> TNC setup (TNC-X) can't seem to decode it, and no other 
> station close to
> me sees the packet either.  I know it's not a problem with the kernel
> drivers themselves, or the TNC (a KPC3+ in KISS mode) or the radio,
> because I can connect to telpac from my other 
> TNC/radio/computer, other
> stations can connect, and my mheard list shows lots of 
> current activity on
> the channel (we're using 144.95).
> I'm not seeing any errors in SYSLOG or anywhere else.
> Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!
> Clay
> W7EFR-2 in Sammamish, WA
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