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[aprssig] Beacon Doesn't

John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Thu Aug 17 15:13:38 UTC 2006

On 17 Aug 2006, at 15:25, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>> I use BEACON all the time to transmit objects.
>> #! /bin/bash/usr/sbin/beacon -c N0YXV -d APJI23 -s radio "
>> ;146.94   *`date'+%H%M%S'`z4055.55N/09821.75Wr
>> 146.94-   Tone123  Link24&18"
> It would be nice to include in all such RF objects, the PHG string  
> so that these repeaters show up on APRS maps displaying their  
> relative RF range.   Antenna Elevation is one of the most important  
> parameters in VHF Ham Radio and is fundamental information to the  
> APRS user.
Ok, I was thinking about this recently, I want to do exactly this  
with the SEARG Voice Repeater Network.  At the moment I've just put  
an Object into Digi_ned so that when anyone query's it, it will  
return the object

;EI7MLR-0 *131122z5237.06N/00646.71Wr430.960 +7.6

So what your saying is that I should change this to
;EI7MLR-0 *131122z5237.06N/00646.71Wr430.950 +7.6PHG5830

I must check if the Kenwoods display it correctly, and then configure  
digi_ned to automatically broadcast these maybe once every hour or  
so? Would that be sufficient, or should we keep it to 15mins?

Another dumb question, (and I haven't googled yet), is there a tool  
in existence that would allow the generation of a string for a  
'compressed' object that I could then paste into the digi_ned  
configuration file?

de John

John Ronan <jronan at tssg.org>, +353-51-302938
Telecommunications Software &  Systems Group,  http://www.tssg.org

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