[aprssig] Tracking my trip

Garren Davis garren.davis at qlogic.com
Thu Aug 17 13:55:44 CDT 2006


Last week I went on a trip to Lake Mead with an Opentracker in the car. 

I had a GPS connected and the tracker set to transmit my position every 

3 minutes when moving and every 30 minutes when not moving. 

Looking on Findu I can see my raw packets all the way to the lake. When 

I look at my track using the Line cgi the track stops at around Barstow.

there something about the number of track points allowed on Findu that

cause this or am I doing something wrong. 


Also I left the tracker on in the vehicle near the lake but forgot to
reset the location 

in the tracker. So the tracker shows a location in Southern California
even though 

it is still in Nevada. 





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