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[aprssig] Tracking my trip

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Aug 18 14:54:04 UTC 2006

> So, would it be possible to automatically select configs based on the 
> amount of time the tracker is in one of the selection parameters? For 
> instance, could Opentracker automatically select the other config if 
> the tracker was at 0 mph for 30 minutes?

Right now the only time-dependent option is the GPS fix one.  It times out
at 30 seconds.  It might be possible to add a general delay to the switch
operation though.  The hard part at this point is scraping up enough RAM for
another timer!

> This sort of decision making is common in my business, HVAC controls. 
> If a room pressure goes out of range for a few seconds, it's no big 

I've dealt a little with ladder logic in PLCs, and it gives you a flexible
way to set that sort of thing up without having to be a programmer.  In the
Tracker2 I hope to implement some sort of simple (non-graphical) scripting
language to do exactly that sort of thing.  Chances are it won't be done in
time for the initial release, though.


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