[aprssig] Tracking my trip

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Aug 18 09:58:32 CDT 2006

> An alternative:  Have it switch configs if the battery voltage is
> below a certain amount.  That means sometimes shortly after you're
> parked and the charge system is inactive, it'll switch.  I'd have to
> check again to see if that's one of the options on the OpenTracker
> for switching configs though.  I know there's an option to stop

It is.  It has a resolution of about 0.06 volts.  Absolute accuracy is
limited by the accuracy of the voltage regulator, which provides the A/D
reference.  I think it's rated at +/- 5%.  It should be able to detect when
the alternator is running easily enough.


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