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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 03:36:05 -0700 (PDT)
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>On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Bob Burns K4RXR wrote:
>> Interesting point. The D700 will generate NMEA
>waypoints ($GPWPL
>> sentences) for position reports that it receives
and >transmit them
>> back to the GPS receiver on the GPS port of the
>D700. Some GPS's
>> will then display those waypoints.
>> Is there a PC-based APRS client that can read those
>waypoints from
>> the RS-232 port on the D700?
>That's not one of the GPS sentences I list on the
>Chart, so can't help you there (and I thought it'd be
>an easy thing
>to answer!)
>I know Xastir doesn't currently decode it, but that
>could be changed
>in an instant.  Xastir does know how to send those
>sentences to a GPS

I swear sometimes I think this mailing list server
doesn't care that I'm here.  I sent the very thing
K4RXR mentioned (with some extra information) to the
list two days ago and no one noticed (presumably
because no one received it).

Anyway, it would probably be very useful to decode the
GPWPL sentence.  Both the D700 and the D7 will echo
the GPWPL to the GPS but also up through the computer
serial port provided the Auto Information setting is
turned on (AI 1).  You get two devices for one serial

Bad part:  The D700 and D7 will also report _ANY_
status change up the serial port as well.  If you turn
the VFO knob, flip channels, etc., you'll get a
message through the serial port.  It gets really
interesting if you set them to perform a VFO or memory
scan.  The thing will transmit a status message for
each frequency or memory channel it hits.  So any
piece of software will have to be a bit more picky
about what it chooses to accept and what it chooses to


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