[aprssig] Tracking my trip

Tourge, Ryan R. Ryan.Tourge at sheriff.co.warren.ny.us
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Problem being it's doing this while its running



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anything below 13.0V you can bet the car isn't running.  Also, I'd set
the "don't transmit below voltage" to 12.6.  It usually takes about 5 or
6 days for my wife's car to run that low.




On 8/18/06, Tourge, Ryan R. <Ryan.Tourge at sheriff.co.warren.ny.us> wrote:

Slightly off topic of this thread but...

I have a 2003 Honda Civic. I notice that the voltage switches from 14.4
to ~12-13 volts intermittently. I assuming its some high tech battery
maintenance idea but it it's a real pain trying to configure my OT to
act on voltage changes.

Anyone experienced anything similar? 


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It is.  It has a resolution of about 0.06 volts.  Absolute accuracy is
limited by the accuracy of the voltage regulator, which provides the A/D
reference.  I think it's rated at +/- 5%.  It should be able to detect 
the alternator is running easily enough.


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