[aprssig] USB host controller chip, and single chip GPS.

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Aug 22 09:58:02 CDT 2006

I've looked at a few of those.  Aside from being a little difficult to
implement in a low-cost device (they all seem to require a full address/data
bus and possibly a DMA controller), the big problem is drivers.  Even if
you're running one of the supported operating systems you're still probably
going to have to write a Garmin driver, and possibly a couple of drivers for
non-standard serial converter chips.

Yeah, it's possible, but it's still much easier at this point to go with an
embedded Linux box.  If I had time, I'd love to be able to develop a
packaged single-board computer with a couple of good radio interfaces and a
customized Linux build that'd let you do APRS, IRLP, and so forth without a
lot of hassle.  But right now I don't have the time for another project of
that scale.

Or maybe it's already been done.  I've seen some Linux distros and Knoppix
CDs, but does anyone sell a low-cost Linux SBC that comes with radio
interface hardware?


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> This could be usefull me thinks, to someone who knows how to integrate
> the thing....
> http://tinyurl.com/rq65j (pdf file)
> Two USB ports, one is always a "Host" the other can be a 
> Host, Device or
> OnTheGo port.
> The route to using USB only GPS's in trackers?  Maybe, this 
> is just one
> device, seems there are several dozen out there, but many seem to be
> fairly power hungry.
> Found during an idle lunchtime with a web browser..
> I also found something to do with a 62mW GPS receiver chip...
> http://tinyurl.com/nljaa (web page)
> Like the bit about the "Expensive RS232" interface it does not need...
> Pity I don't have the time or facilities to play with this stuff any
> more...
> 73..
> Dave G0WBX.
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