[aprssig] findU moving

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Aug 22 14:53:17 CDT 2006

I expect findU's primary server will be moving tomorrow. The backup  
server has been handling the weather graphs and radar images for  
several months. It has been quite a while since the full load rested  
on one machine, but the second machine is the stronger of the two, I  
think it do fine. Over the course of the day I have synced the  
machines and moved most of the names over to point at the backup  
server, so far, so good.

What won't work during the move will be any email sent to my domains,  
including position reports, and the javAPRS applets on aprs.net,  
because these require ports I could not get opened at the host site.

The name service will also be relying only on secondary servers, so  
things will be fragile, to put it charitably!

If you notice something wrong, especially before the move, please let  
me know. Stuff that fails after the move may not be fixable until the  
server is up at is new home.

The machine will be fedexed overnight, so any down time should be  
less than 24 hours...

Sorry for any inconvenience...

Steve K4HG

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