[aprssig] Tap into in-dash GPS Navigation for APRS?

Ron McCoy rmccoylist at blueantservices.com
Wed Aug 23 11:45:52 CDT 2006

I replied because I assumed (and you know what that means) my Alpine in-dash
nav system uses the OnStar GPS for its location info. Maybe it's the other
way around.

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I appreciate all of the responses, but I am referring to an in-dash
navigation system, not OnStar.  I am hoping to not only get a GPS fix
into the D-700, but also plot waypoints on the map like you can do
with a standalone Garmin GPS unit that has a moving map.

I'm going to try to dig up some schematics from Alpine and see where
that takes me.

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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