[aprssig] Delayed packets (yet again)

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Jerome, W0JRT

Get yourself a KEYSPAN USB adapter and your problems will go away.
The Com port numbers will always be the same and the software is great!

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In one of the many "delayed packet" discussions there was talk about some
serial-to-USB converters causing issues.  I can't seem to find this
discussion in the archives.  Does anyone recall the make(s)/model(s) of the
serial-to-USB converters that are known or suspected of being problematic?
And perhaps suggest a model that is known to work well?

I've been communicating with an I-gate owner whose station is injecting
delayed packets into APRS-IS.  He's too busy to study and fix the problem
(unfortunately for the rest of us) so I'm trying to help gather some
information that may make it easier to debug the problem.  He swapped TNCs
but that didn't fix it.  He mentioned that he uses a serial-to-USB converter
so hopefully I can talk him into experimenting with a different one or
coming up with another solution.

-Jerome, W0JRT


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