[aprssig] TNC-X anyone?

Jim jim at stuckinthemud.org
Sun Aug 27 16:39:34 CDT 2006

Not come across the T2?

>From other posts it looks as if it's not quite available, is there a page
with the basic details anywhere?

Jim, G1HUL

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On Aug 27, 2006, at 9:09 AM, Joel Maslak wrote:

> Is anyone using the TNC-X for APRS?  ( http://www.tnc-x.com/ )

Yep.  Have a TNC-X with an Xdigi module.  Also have a T2.  T2 has a _lot_
more functionality - digi, KISS, command mode, APRS decode for plotting
stations on an NMEA or Garmin GPS.  TNC-X is strictly a KISS TNC.  If you
add the Xdigi module, it's strictly a digipeater; you can't use it for a TNC
and a digi without swapping out hardware.

Nothing at all wrong with the TNC-X, but the T2 does a lot more.


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