[aprssig] TNC-X anyone?

John Hansen john at hansen.net
Mon Aug 28 10:05:00 CDT 2006

Eric Weber wrote:
> --- Jason Winningham <jdw at eng.uah.edu> wrote:
>> On Aug 27, 2006, at 9:09 AM, Joel Maslak wrote:
>>> Is anyone using the TNC-X for APRS?  (
>> http://www.tnc-x.com/ )
>> T2 has a  
>> _lot_ more functionality - digi, KISS, command mode,
>> APRS decode for  
>> plotting stations on an NMEA or Garmin GPS.  TNC-X
>> is strictly a KISS  
>> TNC.  
True, but it is a true KISS TNC.  It can handle packet lengths 1K in 
length and it has a significant transmit buffer that allows it to 
continue to take in outgoing data while it is waiting for a busy 
frequency to clear up (note that KISS does not support flow control, so 
the data will keep coming!).  If the only thing you ever want to do with 
it is APRS, these things may not matter (or they might, if you are 
digi-ing on a busy frequency).  For other applications they certainly will.

John W2FS

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