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[aprssig] Filter port 14580

Roger Bille roger.bille at telia.com
Mon Aug 28 17:28:47 UTC 2006


 First I don't understand what you trying to achieve with 2 of your filter

 The ilx* part is not defined in the spec. It should be a full callsign with
a third parameter with a distance. For example t/n/W9INF/500, this will pass
all NWS objects within 500 km from your last known position. What do you
want to get?

 Only m will match messages. km* doesn't have any meaning and is rejected.
What do you want?

 When you request messages you will also get the position of the message

 73 de Roger/sm5nrk

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> Ok, I've changed my filter string to several different configurations, I
> still am being fed Europe, Africa, Australia and South America stations,
> as well as from all over the U.S.
> I've rebooted the computer, makes no change. I guess some recent changes
> in the filter software, Case sensitive, is the culprit or what?
> What is my problem? Help!
> Robbie
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