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Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 13:03:48 CDT 2006

Hi Pete and Roger,

Yes, exactly what I was and have been using with no foreign stations 
until today...

I wanted all weather related messages sent out from the Illinois weather 
stations and Milwaukee weather stations with the prefix of MKX and ILX, 
which until today was giving weather related objects, and as I 
understood the filter, t/n meant I wanted type NWS messages as well?

Now that said, why were there no foreign stations before today?

I just learned now, that with the filter of t/n/ilx* /t/mkx* I get an OK 
from the server with NO foreign stations. As soon as I added back my 
-b/CW* to filter out Citizens Weather stations, I am now receiving the 
foreign or unwanted stations! I take out the -b/CW* and they cease to 
fill my screen??

Again, until today, this was not happening!  I don't get why if I was 
not doing it right, and was happy, why did things change? :-)
Until today the -b/cw* worked as described in the text file on Filters, 
now I get the unwanted APRS-IS feed..

The above string of t/n/ilx*/mkx* has been working for a few of us 
around the Chicagoland and Milwaukee area, I have not pooled them to see 
how there stations are functioning...

I did try the t/n/ILX*/MKX*, but got the error until I changed it to 
t/n/ILX* t/MKX*, separating the ILX* and MKX* So, something isn't 
right.. I will do what I can figure out that will work, but explain why 
the -b/CW* now allows foreign stations through now and it hadn't before 
today please.. :-)


AE5PL Lists wrote:

>Let's look at what your filter says: 
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Robbie, wa9inf
>>Posted At: Monday, August 28, 2006 11:44 AM
>>Subject: [aprssig] Filter feeds
>>filter t/n/ilx* t/mkx* b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX-1 -b/CW*
>Pass all weather objects and messages from ilx*, all messages (and
>associated posits), all packets from stations starting with K9KRW and
>KB5YQX-1 but nothing from stations starting with CW.
>Did you mean
>filter t/n/ILX* t/n/MKX* b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX-1 -b/CW*
>That said, I don't see using wildcards in the t filter as currently
>working (I am seeing all weather with the above filter).  I would
>recommend using a filter of p/ILX/MKX to get all weather from those NWS
>Pete Loveall AE5PL
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