[aprssig] Filter feeds

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 13:30:54 CDT 2006

Well, even without the -b/CW* in my filter string, I am still getting 
position reports from everywhere!

My current filter is "filter t/n/ilx* t/mkx* b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX-1"

After all this time with the filter port, and not having this issue 
until today, I just don't get why my string now causes this.. I got the 
weather related messages, I didn't get the CW stations and I always saw 
my friend in California wether he was driving around or just sitting at 
home, :-) plus I used the f /k9krw*/50 to see the APRS activities around 
him when he was driving up to Oregon.. Sometimes he is K9KRW-14, and 
sometimes he is K9KRW-9, that's why the asterisk obviously..

Oh well, I know there was a change in how the software is now case 
sensitive, and if that is not the reason I see all this activity now, I 
guess I will have to revisit the filter.txt files and play around with 
them. Again, until today, I've not seen this situation before.. 

Sorry I don't seem to be able to better explain the differences, I'll 
just have to live with it and learn how to regain what I was happy with. :-)


AE5PL Lists wrote:

>Let's look at what your filter says: 
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Robbie, wa9inf
>>Posted At: Monday, August 28, 2006 11:44 AM
>>Subject: [aprssig] Filter feeds
>>filter t/n/ilx* t/mkx* b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX-1 -b/CW*
>Pass all weather objects and messages from ilx*, all messages (and
>associated posits), all packets from stations starting with K9KRW and
>KB5YQX-1 but nothing from stations starting with CW.
>Did you mean
>filter t/n/ILX* t/n/MKX* b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX-1 -b/CW*
>That said, I don't see using wildcards in the t filter as currently
>working (I am seeing all weather with the above filter).  I would
>recommend using a filter of p/ILX/MKX to get all weather from those NWS
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