[aprssig] Filter port

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 17:06:11 CDT 2006

I am not now getting all the stations from all the world as before which 
prompted the thread Pete, and at that time my filter string was "filter 
t/n/ilx*/mkx* b/k9krw/kb9yx* -b/cw*"  (without the quotes)

With the above, I was getting all the CW stations until I added the 
-b/CW*. That stopped the CW stations. I have no idea why I was getting 
them unless somehow the t/n was including the CW stations, but I was not 
getting an error on the filter string until the other day. I then found 
I could use the t/n and t/ILX*/MKX* seperately with no error. Then today 
I was getting up to 345 stations where as yesterday with that filter 
string, my station count rarely exceeded 80 stations except when the 
band opens, none of the the increased stations came from the internet 
feed.. It is as if someone changed something without us knowing?

Anyways, I am not now getting the internet feed from the world over with 
this string: "filter t/n p/ILX*/MKX* b/K9KRW/KB9YQX*" without the 
quotes, :-)

If I understood correctly from my previous discussions, t/n would not 
necessarily give me ILX* and MKX* messages and objects?? I will have to 
check further on this..

Thanks for the help Pete and Roger, sorry to have drug this out so long, 
and hope I've learned something maybe, :-)


AE5PL Lists wrote:

>Is your filter _only_ "filter p/ILX/MKX b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX*" without the
>quotes?  I am doing this with first.aprs.net which is running the
>current javAPRSFilter and it is not displaying stations from all over.
>I also used "filter p/ILX/MKX b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX* -b/CW*" with the same
>results although the -b/CW* is not needed since you have already
>specified that you only want packets from stations starting with ILX,
>MKX, K9KRW, and KB9YQX.
>I think the biggest issue for you has been that javAPRSFilter was
>probably ignoring your t/mkx* before but is now trying to make the best
>of it by passing all messages and that it is now trying to make the best
>of t/n/ilx* and passing all NWS packets.  Maybe Roger was being a bit
>too helpful in his code ;-)
>Pete Loveall AE5PL
>mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 
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>>From: Robbie, wa9inf
>>Posted At: Monday, August 28, 2006 1:47 PM
>>Subject: [aprssig] Filter port
>>This can't be true!!
>>Pete and Roger, I set the filter to p/ILX/MKX 
>>b/K9KRW*/KB9YQX* and immediately my screen starts displaying 
>>stations from all over!!
>>Please check the filter status yourselves, and visit my 
>>webpage and see for yourselves... I stopped the 
>>rotate.aprs2.net:14580 server, and for the last couple hours 
>>been using aprswest.aprs2.net:14580 thinking it would make a 
>>I don not know what to do now...

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