[aprssig] backup pwr systems

Richard Amirault ramirault at verizon.net
Sun Dec 3 17:38:56 CST 2006

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From: "Ben Lindner"
Subject: [aprssig] backup pwr systems

> What sort of backup power systems do people use these days.  ?
> eg.
> Running a rig from a standard PSU while charging a battery at the same 
> time and when the mains power drops out the battery will take over and run 
> the radio. Then when the mains power is returned every thing is back to 
> normal, battery is charged again from PSU and radio runs from PSU.
> Any body have any ideas on how to work this or has a circuit that I can 
> build

What's a PSU?  Did you mean a UPS?

What I use is an Astron power supply with the optional BB (Battery Backup) 
option. A size 27 marine / deep cycle battery is attached. This will power 
the rig and the TNC during a power failure but not the computer. Upon 
restoration of commercial power the computer is set to re-boot into APRS 

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