[aprssig] Winaprs and pmap3.0

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Mon Dec 4 10:39:20 CST 2006

I have the same problem with the latest version of WinAPRS V 2.8.5.

I used to run the WinAPRS_pma3 version a year ago and did not experience
this problem with that version.  Keep in mind though that this version of
the .exe program was for use ONLY with the later version of WinAPRS.  I
believe it was Version 2.8.3 that this .exe file was for.  It was NOT for
Version 2.5.1 which works just fine as is with PM 3.  You can not mix a
later version of the WinAPRS.exe file with the earlier version of 2.5.1.
The programming structure was changed.

As far as the problem with WinAPRS Version 2.8.5 goes, I suspect the problem
might be with the execution of the ocx file but that is only a guess.  Since
I am now using only the Tiger Maps, I am not too concerned about it not
working with the Precision Maps.

I am also sending this message to the WinAPRS SIG, perhaps someone on that
list can shed some light on this problem.  Right now, I can not run PM 5 off
the hard drive with WinAPRS Version 2.8.5.

Herb, KB7UVC
NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
Our WEB Site:  http://www.nwaprs.info

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  Am running a machine with Windows xp.And got Winaprs251 and precision
mapping 3.0 to work ok.I downloaded  the newer version Winaprs_pma3..I put
all required information on my C:\drive regarding precision
  mapping and the 251 version pulls from there ok.But when
  i change from D:\ to C:\ on the newer version it reverts back to D:\ right
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