[aprssig] smallest tracker?

Rochte, Robert rrochte at gpacademy.org
Tue Dec 5 10:51:47 CST 2006

I've read a number of the studies that have used dataloggers - I borrowed my
maximum weight figure from them!  I would very much prefer, however, to do
live tracking.  Not only because it will be a "first" (at least as far as I
can tell), but also because it will be much more engaging for students to
watch the bird's progress throughout the day.  

With a live system, we could even do cooperate work with schools around the
country and the world, testing various student hypotheses and allowing the
other schools to pull the data right from Findu or APRSworld.

(It's hard to impress students with ham radio these days, since they all
have cell phones in the their pockets from about grade 4 and up here...
This would certainly do the trick and maybe get us some media exposure, too
- if the reporters will bother to actually mention the ham connection!)

>Seems like the GPS antenna weight might be a problem - patches 
>are kind of
>heavy.  You might check out the Sarantel Geohelix P2.  Without 
>the sleeve,
>it's 7 grams.  I've got a tiny SiRF receiver to go with it, 
>but I haven't
>put the whole thing together yet.  A datalogger would 
>certainly be easier
>than an APRS transmitter, if you don't need live updates.  Pigeons have
>proven their ability to carry multiple gigabytes of data...

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