[aprssig] backup pwr systems

Charles Doughtie n5exy at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 15:58:59 CST 2006

One was a Wal-Mart (ugh) Everstart ((NEVERstart?))
Boating/RV Fully automatic/manual for 12v marine/deep
cycle model WM-51A-PE. I don't remember the other.
After aging a few years, it will no longer go into
maintenance mode, but is still good as a 10A charger.

--- VE7GDH <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote:

> Charles N5EXY wrote...
> > FWIW I had two "smart" chargers (different brands)
> > fail and boil two relatively new deep cycle
> batteries
> > dry. Even the smart ones need to be monitored a
> bit.
> What make and model were the "smart" chargers? Yes,
> if it isn't a 
> "maintenance free" battery such as AGM or gel, you
> do need to keep the level 
> up by topping it up with distilled water, but the
> levels shouldn't go down 
> much unless you are deeply 

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