[aprssig] House Temperature Probing

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Sun Dec 10 04:18:27 CST 2006

Good things to know, thanks for the info. I went out to the site 
tonight and it looks like I can actually get into the APRS system 
from there, so it's a good sign.

The Opentracker definitely looks well thought-out, keep up the good work.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 02:50 PM 12/9/2006, Scott Miller wrote:
>It self-heats only if you're putting a significant load on the regulator.
>You can also remote the sensor pretty easily.  Or you can load the Dallas
>1-wire weather firmware and connect a DS18S20 sensor.  I've got one of those
>in the garage - it runs about 20 feet from the tracker to my freezer to make
>sure the defrost heater hasn't broken again.  It's more accurate than the
>on-board sensor and doesn't need any calibration.  It also isn't affected by
>voltage drop on a long cable since it's a digital sensor - it generally
>either works or doesn't, with no degradation in accuracy.
>If you load the weather firmware with no external sensor connected, it'll
>just report the on-board temperature in APRS weather format.  That lets you
>get graphs on Findu.  If you do have an external sensor connected, you'll
>still get the on-board temperature in the status text.  Check out
>wx.findu.com/n1vg-3 for an example.
>N1VG-3>APOT01:>Livin' in the fridge! 14.2V 23C
>The board itself is at 23 degrees C, and the freezer is at -12 F.  The
>status text always reports in C, so if you want F from the on-board sensor
>you've got to run it in weather mode.  On the Tracker2 it's selectable.
>As for calibration of the on-board sensor, it has a very linear response so
>you only need a single-point calibration.  Just check the real temperature,
>see what the sensor reports, and enter the difference in the temp adjust

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