[aprssig] Four APRS satelites in orbit!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 10 13:45:33 CST 2006

With the launch of STS-116, we now have just added a total of
FOUR amateur Radio Satellites on their way to orbit.  These are
in addition to the PCSAT-1 and ARISS systems.  So now is the
time to play APRS satellites while they last (it will only be a
few months)...

ANDE MAA - packet digipeater and packet-to-voice
RAFT     - packet digipeater and packet-to-voice
NMARS    - Navy Marincorps Mars packet and Voice repeater
FCAL     - Cubesat telemetry system

We call NMARS an amateur satellite too because it is operated by
Amateur Radio Volulnteers in the Military Affiliate Radio
System.  It is on MARS frequency and only authorized MARS
operators can use it, but they are all duly licensed radio
amateurs too.

These satellites will not last long due to their very low
deployment altitude, but they should provide a new opportunity
to do experiments and make packet contacts.  This is especially
true since ANDE, RAFT, PCSAT-1 all operate on the same frequency
and can replay packets between themselves.  And if we are lucky,
we might get the ISS to QSY to the same frquency for a few
4-satellite experiments.

US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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