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[aprssig] Receive Only APRS

M J mjandthegang at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 11 11:02:10 UTC 2006

I'm going to check these two out more closely as they seem to fit the stand-alone hardware solution I'm looking for.  Thanks, to everyone who chimed in to help me!  MJ

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From: Jason Winningham <jdw at eng.uah.edu> 

> Any opinions about choices available? 

Once choice is to get the TNC of your choice and only hook up your 
scanner's speaker output. 

Here is one example of a decode-only circuit: 


I have one of these in front of me right now decoding packets from an 
old uniden police scanner found in my parents' basement. The down 
side to it is that, unless you've got components and a programmer on 
hand, it's far simpler and not much more expensive to go and get 
yourself a TNC-X kit http://www.tnc-x.com/ or wait a bit until more 
kits are available and get a Tracker2 (now in beta; I have one and 
it's great for APRS). If you're not familiar with packet and 
hardware tinkering, you should probably wait a while on the T2.

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