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Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
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If the laptop is so old that it runs Windows 3.11 you could also use ui-view
16 and some static maps.

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On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, flknbry wrote:

> If one were to obtain an old laptop,interface a gps ,which
> software would be best?..run dosaprs?..Would like to recieve and be able
to send messages..

Depends on how old and what capability it has.

If it can only run DOS, then yes, APRSdos would be the one.  If you
don't care about mapping and really just need tracking/messaging,
you might consider a HamHUD to get rid of the laptop altogether.

If the laptop is a little more capable you might install Win98se on
it (a reasonably stable operating system) and run UI-View, WinAPRS,

Another alternative on the old/slow laptops is Linux/Xastir, as
Linux can run quite well on old hardware.  I've run Xastir nicely on
a P133/64M and a P200/32MB laptop.  One of our users tests it once a
year or so on his 486 laptop to make sure it still compiles/runs
there, although I wouldn't recommend going that slow.  It'll work,
it's just painfully slow drawing some types of maps.

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